Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saved Some Money, Got a Deal !!!

I LOVE to save money, I LOVE getting deals !!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !! I get this from my mom too so I know she’ll be thrilled for me when she sees this post.

My youngest is 6 months old today. In our family we call this a “halfy birthday “.  His nickname is Monkey so that’s how I’ll introduce him to all of you. Well I have noticed that he is out growing almost all his clothes.  I had TONS of clothes from newborn up to 3-6 months but I have NOTHING from there til 18 months. In the summer as long as we’re at home my babies wear those little onseies, the ones that you can put under things in the winter. They are cool and comfortable. Well last night I had a hard time finding one that would snap between his legs. By the time I tried them all on I was left with only 7 that fit. That meant a shopping trip today and I happened to get an email from Carters this morning saying they were having a HUGE sale !! Carters is a major vice of mine. I love their baby clothes. They are so soft and cute. I usually buy the Walmart brand of Carters (child of mine) but there really is a difference. Carters from their store is softer higher quality fabric.

I didn’t find what I needed on the 70% racks but the 5 packs of onesies were on the 60% off racks !! SCORE !!  But on the way to the register I saw the cutest little one piece outfit. It had a monkey on it. Then I realized it was two outfits sold together on the same hanger. Also 60% off. And the second one had the cutest monkey face on it. Actually the monkey face kinda looked my baby Monkey. OK now it is a MUST HAVE !!!   Here is a pic of him in it so you can see what I mean


I think its the ears  LOL !!  Anyway… heres the break down


5 pack of Child of mine onesies  = 11.00

2   1 piece outfits 7.50  each   = 15.00

Plus tax my total would have been  27.82


5 pack onesies  = 8.00

2   1 piece outfits =  8.80  for both

plus tax my total was   17.97

I am sooooo thrilled with my savings! And I got some really cute things !!  So I had to brag   share about my deals !!




Steph said...

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I LOVE bargain shopping. I went to Goodwill earlier this week to look for some picture frames to refinish, and I nearly had a heart attack when I found a brand new, never opened, still sealed in the original factory plastic wrap BRITAX ROUNDABOUT for $45. $45!!!! You can bet your sweet patootie I grabbed that baby immediately! I'd been lusting after one for awhile and I could never justify the crazy cost!!

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