Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have to work on Saturday UGH !

This is not new. I always have to work on Saturday. The girl  I sit for is a store manager at a retail outlet. Saturday is their biggest day so she has to be there. My only days off are Sunday and Wednesday. This makes it hard to take weekend trips to my moms which I was looking forward to when my husbands job took him out on the road. If you follow her blog you can see why it would be so much fun to weekend  there !!

So I have a lot I want to accomplish today but I’m not sure how much will get crossed off the list since I’ll be working around “the Diva” and “the Monster” . 

The Diva is 5 going on 21 and is very bossy in an oldest child type  way. I have to constantly remind her I’m the boss and I know what I’m doing LOL  But she also LOVES to clean an organize so YAY !!! Now I just have to convince her to do it MY way !!

The Monster is almost 7 months old. He is 3 weeks older than my Monkey and twice his size. He was born early (34weeks) but is HUGE ! He is wearing 12 months clothes and weighs well over 20 pounds. He is very high maintenance but pretty mellow as long as things go his way.  If they don’t go his way though … OMG thats the other reason I  have dubbed him Monster. 1 his size and 2 his howling !!

My plan for today is clean up last nights dinner mess. (I was exhausted when they went home at 10:30 last night and just went to bed )  and  then finish moving my boys into their new room and do a temporary organization in there.  If I am successful I will blog about it this evening … wish me luck !


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