Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A FAIL !!!!

Well today was a nothing day… very boring and uneventful.  But the way my life goes I will take the very few days like this that I get happily !!!

So since it was so uneventful  I decided to blog a past project from a few weeks ago…

I was very tired of my very ugly  white dining light fixture. The white was ALWAYS dirty, seriously it had to be cleaned every other day. It showed every little speck of anything. There was nothing I could do about the ugly but I knew I could fix the white since I inherited the spray paint gene from my mom Sharon. You can find her over at Keen Inspirations.

I don’t have any before pics since at the time I didn’t know I’d be blogging. I headed to Walmart and bought a pretty brown hammered finish spray paint by Rustoleum. Then I took down the light and headed out to my back patio to spray. My husband thought I was crazy cause there was a short in one of the “candles” but I was tired of looking at and cleaning the white and didn’t want to spend money on a new light til I could get the expensive one I really wanted. SO I sprayed several coats over the next several hours and ended up with this…

light light2

Over all I WAS  (remember that was) pretty happy with how it turned out. The color was gorgeous and matched my home, the finish turned out beautiful even on such skinny surfaces and it was so much better than the white. Still ugly but not as bad.  Now I say WAS pretty happy because when I re-hung the fixture the short in the one candle spread to another and over the next 12 hours kept spreading and finally they all shorted out. So my wonderful hubby who knew how proud I was of what I’d done and how disappointed I was that it broke went to Home Depot and bought me my light !!


Its from the same set as my living room fixture and things that blend/match but are not exactly the same are my favorites !!  I am very happy to have my new light and I love my understanding Hubby !! Also I guess this was not a total fail as I discovered I LOVE that spray paint. I’m going to use it on my kitchen cabinet door/drawer pulls. Oh yeah, I’m redoing my kitchen cabinets but that’s a HUGE project for another day!




Sarah West said...

Awww... Justin gets brownie points for this one! I love the new fixture!

Sharon said...

Okay, I'm trying this again Steph! I have to take responsiblity for that spray paint gene! I don't consider your light a "fail"...I mean look what you got in the end! LOL
About the garden thing...check my blog tonight, I'm putting something up for you and Niki! :-)

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