Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My list habit collides with my obsession to organize …

I am a list maker.  I make lists and I make “sub-lists” .  I get made fun of often by my husband, by my friend. But I also have my friendly supportive fellow lister  (you know who you are )  Well I have so much going on right now on a daily basis and so much I want to accomplish both long term and short term that I am afraid I will forget something.  This has me making many many lists. Now I have stacks of paper. Uh oh ! This has kicked in the organizer in me. She is buried much of the time under mess and stress but she tries !  So  I decided I had to get some organization of my lists or regardless of everything being “listed” things would still fall through the cracks. I went to my jumble of project stuff and found a binder and my scrapbook supplies.  This is the end result          



So far I only have 2 categories




But I am sure I can come up with more as life goes on !  Now I have my lists in one place all neat and organized . I have now really opened myself up to the teasing since I have so many lists I need a binder for them. However my fellow lister  understands the need for it, loves it and wants one.  I just may have to make her one !




Nikki said...

I am organizationally challenged...so this blog should be a great help for me! LOL :)

Steph @ This Organized Mess said...

Nikki HI ! I am organizationally challenged too for the most part but I try ! The challenge to my organization are my 3 boys and husband LOL !! I LOVE your blog and am glad my mom passed it on to me !

Sarah West said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who HAS to have a list!!! :)

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