Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well I did not get to do anything on my list the Monster was in rare form today.  LOL  But I did get Monkey’s clothes sorted and packed up what he has outgrown so far :o( makes me kinda  sad.  Then cause I couldn’t do much of anything but be at Monsters beck and call I started blog surfing and through "The Mommy Times" I found a fantastic giveaway over at One Savvy Mom !!  The give away is for an Apple iPad   ! YAY!!! I am so excited, I could really use one of these. Then again so could my Hubby. His job has him out on the road all but 3 days a month.  He was out of work almost a year so when he got this job 9 weeks ago we could not afford a laptop or anything. But if I could win the iPad it would be a great father’s day gift and we could SKYPE !!  Which would be great cause he could see the boys and talk to them too !! Especially Monkey since at this age they change sooo much every day. Anyway…The giveaway ends June 25th so head over and enter if you’re interested but no offense I hope I win… LOL!

Once again I want to thank  One Savvy Mom for such a great giveaway and to thank "The Mommy Times" for passing it on !!! Good luck to all!




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