Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garden Party and Giveaways !!

I know some of you know that Sharon over at Keen Inspirations is my mom. If you don’t know or haven’t been to her blog drop by !! It is awesome ! She blogs about everything from crafting and repurposing to couponing  and even some recipes. You can find her here

                         BUT WAIT !!!!

This week she is having a “Garden Party”  !! There are giveaways and “door prizes” and so many people are linking up great outdoorsy projects !!! So this is the best time to check her blog out !

Here is your invite  :o)

SO be sure you drop by and enter some of the fun giveaways !!

Also I have been absent cause I am BUSY working on a HUGE project blog posts and pics coming soon !!




Life in Rehab said...

Sharon is your mom? Wow, that explains why you're both so cool!

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