Monday, June 14, 2010

A Canvas I Painted for Monkey’s Nursery

Halfway through my latest pregnancy my husband lost his job and after losing our baby girl at 36 weeks pregnant making a beautiful nursery this time was really important to me . I was determined to do so even while working on my VERY LIMITED budget.

I went with a jungle /safari animal theme and made most of the stuff myself. Here is the Large canvas I painted for one of my taller walls.  I started with a blank 16x20 inch canvas that was already primed white. Sorry no pic cause I was not aware I’d be blogging at the time. LOL

Then I drew my Giraffe in pencil where I wanted him on the canvas.  I put a G in the lower left corner to make it match a set of 4 smaller canvases I had done for another wall. (I’ll blog those another time) and it still needed something so I added tree limbs in the upper right corner.  This is what I ended up with


Sorry it’s hard to see but it is pencil… So finished with my drawing I started painting. My wonderful hubby picked the most fabulous yellow for me. It was perfect “giraffe yellow” LOL !!  The blues and greens were left over nursery paint any other colors or shades I mixed myself. As I finished I realized it needed something more if it was going to blend with the other canvas set I made. My nursery “designs” were stripes and polka dots. I went with polka dots on this canvas to off set the length of the giraffes neck.  So now the finished product is this…


I am very happy with it finished  and am proud to show it off.  Start to finish this only took me 2 hours including dry times !!  Now I am sharing this at   DillyDally and Flitter for Just Something I Whipped up Monday !!

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That's adorable! I wish I had the skills to draw something like that freehand.

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