Sunday, October 24, 2010

I figured I needed to pass this on…

Some of you may remember a while back I did a post on teething and I highly recommended Hyland’s teether tablets. Well I saw this today and felt like it would be the responsible thing to pass it on… just click on this link

Hylands Teether tablet recall

Just wanted to pass that info on ! I know I’ve been a little absent of late and prolly will be a while longer. My family has  hit a big snag and I’m going thru a rough spot… please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monkey’s Ugly Monster Doll

Monkey LOVED Rew’s ugly doll thing soooo much and Rew didn’t want him touching it.  So I had to make one for Monkey too.

While at my moms during the  AC problem Monkey fell in love with my sisters blanket and they had something similar at walmart so I had to buy him one. Forget the super expensive awesome blanket we bought him he wanted a $7 throw from Walmart. Sunshine helped me pick out a cool pattern and he loved it !!


But the thing is HUGE for such a little guy so I bought a second one. The first stays in bed to cover up at night time. The second I cut a corner out of and made a Monkey size Blanky . I had to sticth by hand ALL the way around the edge of it or it shed something awful !!He adores it !!


Since he likes it so much and it’s the same type of fabric as Rew’s Ugly Doll I decided to use some of the leftovers to make Monkey’s. My inspiration for design was his binky. We bought some of the Mams with the cutest little monsters on them. this one is my fave !!


Isn’t he cute ???   This one was also a challenge because I had to attach those legs on the front. One day I will take my own advice and make a simple one with just two pieces of fabric.

Anyway here’s my results….


I think Monkey’s pretty happy with him !




Wordless Wednesday…



Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear Monday,


You Suck !!!


Best Wishes , (not)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Getaway !!

As far as blog land goes this is all I’m doing today


and that’s because since hubby is finally home for good we’re going on a weekend family get away to see my family.  We’ll be staying at my sisters house but I’ll be spending lots of time with with my mom where all the inspiration happens.

To anyone who may view my blog today thru this blog hop… PLEASE poke around my other posts !! I promise this is NOT my norm. I have way cooler posts with crafts and decorating and stuff !!

As a quick update to my We have a new family memeber post…

We got Yoshi neutered and apparently he was just as unhappy as Rew was. (Rew did NOT want to take him to the vet let alone leave him over night. ) When the nurse carried him out to us he stopped yowling and grabbed Rew’s face in his paws. The nurse said it was about the only time he’d been quiet since waking up after his surgery. He howled all the  way home in his carrier but as soon as I let him out in Rew’s room he was quiet and happy again. I couldn’t find him anywhere later but  a quick search yielded these results…


The flash and my putting away laundry disturbed Yoshi so he got up and got a drink and then snuggled back up as close to his boy as he could get


I guess neither one slept very well without the other the night he was gone. This is at 4 in the afternoon folks and Rew does NOT nap !!

At bed time neither one was sleepy so they played Nintendo Ds quietly in bed so Bub could get sleep.


We are not taking Yoshi on this trip so…. I hope Rew stays busy enough that he sleeps ok and that when I get home Yoshi has left my house standing ! LOL

Well I gotta go pack up…



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Menu Board / Schedule Planner

Ok  remember I said I was going to do some interior decorating for my sis a few weekends ago ?? Well we had some successes and some failures. (She claims she is happy with the failures and got compliments on them but I hate them so I’m working on a redo. )

Well one of our successful projects was a menu / schedule board. She’s using it as a menu now but I’m gonna make her a nifty one that will go on her fridge and then she can use this as a schedule/week planner.

I have seen these going around all over blog land where you turn a old picture frame into a dry erase board. But I have to say the one we drew the most inspiration from is over at Chistina's Adventures ! Hers turned out just gorgeous !!


Click on the pic to go to her original post for the tutorial since I only have a finished project picture to show of ours. And while you’re there check out some of her other stuff… She is incredibly talented !! I have sooo enjoyed following her blog as we have similar taste. Plus I have to love anyone who wants to make lists beautiful !  (HERE is my attempt to make beautiful lists.)

My sister is going to use hers as a schedule planner and has a serious bare wall problem. She lives in an apartment and can’t paint so we are filling her walls with colorful things both functional decor and purely decorative items.   This is one of the functional decor items obviously! I have been teaching her that in small spaces (which is her whole place) you make functional items decorate and vice versa. SO anyway… said all that to say this one will be hanging on the wall not in a neat bookstand like Christina’s.  Shay’s colors in her living spaces are creamy beige, black and a rusty barn red. GORGEOUS !!! She is nice blend of modern and classic/traditional.

I went out to find a frame. Shay and Hubby have only been married and had their own place 2 years so she doesn’t have a store built up like some of us. She and I both went thrifting separately and couldn’t find anything.  I was at Fred’s looking for something else when in their damaged goods clearance aisle I found an awesome frame. It retailed for $20 at the original store (Fred’s does some closeouts) and was $10 at Fred’s. Then after being damaged in Fred’s was only $3 !! SCORE !!!  It was very Shay looking too !!  I couldn’t find any damage but a neighbor pointed out that it was originally made to hang or stand and the “stand arm” had been ripped off. SO WHAT we’re hanging it !!  I picked out scrapbook paper in her colors and a pattern I thought she’d like, some swirly black letter stickers and went to work ! Here is our finished board…



I love the detail on the frame !!  I have bought so many white boards here lately I had TONS of markers and the little things you use to hook them on the boards so I gave her a set and now her marker is always right there ! It’s a clear plastic grip so it looks like the marker is floating .

Well that’s one of our successes. I’m going to try to get more posted throughout the week. But things are crazy here. I’ll share more on that later too.




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Thursday, September 16, 2010

We have a new family member…

Rew is 4 years old. He has sucked his finger since he was 4 months. I have tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop nothing worked, UNTIL last weekend that is.  Last weekend we went to the pet store to get some supplies and show Monkey all the animals.  (we haven’t been to this particular pet store in awhile, it’s one that has animals in it)  Well they host a few animal shelter animals. As my husband was playing with some tiny kittens in a top cage An older kitten grabbed Andrew’s pant leg from the bottom cage and started playing with him. It was so cute how they interacted and Rew declared he needed a kitty to be his friend while Bub’s at school. We not wanting to add to the menagerie or deal with the insane adoption process of this particular shelter (seriously it would be easier to adopt a child) told him only IF or when he stopped sucking his finger would he be big enough to handle the responsibility of his own kitty. He came home wrapped transformer band aids around his index fingers and went all day without sucking them. Then all night as well. That shocked us. I figured at night he would relapse as you don’t realize what you’re doing in your sleep. Oh no he wanted his kitty soooo bad that he clutched his blanky in his balled up fists and tucked them between his chin and chest. I checked on him thru the night when I got up with the baby and he stayed that way all night. That is some SERIOUS will power.  My husband decided that such will power deserved immediate reward so the next morning we headed to an animal shelter to begin our search for Rew’s friend. We did not just want to go grab a kitten we wanted to find Andrew’s buddy. At the first shelter we stopped at the coolest kitten chose Rew.  From the minute we walked into the cat room he followed Rew occasionally meowing and always trying to get his attention. After 10 minutes of playing on the floor with several kittens Rew stood up and pronounced the “shadow” as trhe one saying “this is him, this my friend kitty”.   So we adopted the little grey and white tabby with beautifully unique markings ( I was so happy he didn’t pick some strange looking alley cat) When we got to the car Rew put on his orange collar and announced his kitty’s fave color was also orange just like him.


The kitten insisted on riding with his boy

        yoshikeys                                   yoshisnug

And Rew  shared his blanky and they snuggled. At the end of the 45 minute ride home Rew announced his friend kitty’s name is Yoshi !

Here is a pic of the perfect cirlce on his side . There is one on the other side too!! He is so cool looking I love his markings !!




Yoshi does indeed keep him company while Bubs at school. They spend hours in the bean bag chairs playing the Nintendo DS.


They are inseparable. They sleep together, (Yoshi has an orange blanket on Rew’s bed) play together and Yoshi shadows him everywhere.  Yoshi hangs out in the boys room with Rew instead of insisting on being in the living room like I was afraid he would. They truly are buddies. Yesterday I went in the bathroom and as Rew hopped off the potty Yoshi came out of the covered litter box. I had to laugh. They really do everything together. Rew still has not sucked his finger in almost a week!!  He is totally responsible for feeding and watering Yoshi and does an excellent job of it. I am soooo proud !!

So there is the scoop on our new family member and the story of how I FINALLY got Rew to stop sucking his finger !!