Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Getaway !!

As far as blog land goes this is all I’m doing today


and that’s because since hubby is finally home for good we’re going on a weekend family get away to see my family.  We’ll be staying at my sisters house but I’ll be spending lots of time with with my mom where all the inspiration happens.

To anyone who may view my blog today thru this blog hop… PLEASE poke around my other posts !! I promise this is NOT my norm. I have way cooler posts with crafts and decorating and stuff !!

As a quick update to my We have a new family memeber post…

We got Yoshi neutered and apparently he was just as unhappy as Rew was. (Rew did NOT want to take him to the vet let alone leave him over night. ) When the nurse carried him out to us he stopped yowling and grabbed Rew’s face in his paws. The nurse said it was about the only time he’d been quiet since waking up after his surgery. He howled all the  way home in his carrier but as soon as I let him out in Rew’s room he was quiet and happy again. I couldn’t find him anywhere later but  a quick search yielded these results…


The flash and my putting away laundry disturbed Yoshi so he got up and got a drink and then snuggled back up as close to his boy as he could get


I guess neither one slept very well without the other the night he was gone. This is at 4 in the afternoon folks and Rew does NOT nap !!

At bed time neither one was sleepy so they played Nintendo Ds quietly in bed so Bub could get sleep.


We are not taking Yoshi on this trip so…. I hope Rew stays busy enough that he sleeps ok and that when I get home Yoshi has left my house standing ! LOL

Well I gotta go pack up…




Life in Rehab said...

Awwwwww, poor Rew will be without his kitty??? They look so adorable together all curled up!

Have fun while you're away, a break is always good.

mary said...

Adorable family, including the pets

Stopping in to check out your blog,say hi and that I'm
Following from boost my blog friday.

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