Friday, July 9, 2010

My Experience at Best Buy…

Well I haven’t blogged my awesome project I did for my lil Sis yet cause… I forgot to take all the pics I needed and she is at camp this week and couldn’t email some. She comes home this evening so I should be able to share soon.

However, while we wait I just thought I’d share my experience shopping at Best Buy and warn everyone so that you don’t end up like we did. Let’s just say I will NEVER under any circumstances shop at Best Buy again.              N-E-V-E-R !!  

It started when we went to Best Buy last time my Husband was home. So about 3 weeks ago. He needed a TV for his truck. He wanted a flat panel cause they are space saving in such tight quarters. We headed down to Best Buy cause that’s where we buy all our electronics etc. Before my husband lost his job we were  updating some appliances and my husband is a tech junkie in the worst way so I can safely say in the last 4 years we have spent SEVERAL thousand dollars there. Okay more than several … cause to me that implies 3 or less and it’s way more than that. We have been very loyal customers.

So we pick out a tv. This is after my husband spends close to an hour deliberating and only finally made a decision cause the kids ( baby included) were starting to make a ruckus due to “starvation”  LOL :o)  He decided to give their “in house” brand  Insignia a try due to the fact that they were on sale and he could get a new LED type for the same price as other brands older LCDs.  While checking out,  the little teeny bopper cashier asks if we would like to purchase the protection and replacement plan. My husband looked at me to see my thoughts. Now knowing this TV is going to be traveling around in a semi tractor I grilled the girl heavily on what it would cover. She satisfactorily answered my questions and it seemed like a very good idea all things CAREFULLY considered so we paid the extra 50 bucks.

My husband left out the next day and when he got to his truck he plugged the TV up with the component cables and the whole picture had a bad blue cast to it that could not be adjusted. SO he hooked it up with the AV jacks and then noticed that only when it’s on you could see a small crack on the INSIDE of the screen. So he put it back in the box. Now you cannot just pull into a Best Buy parking lot in a semi tractor pulling a 53 foot trailer that weighs 40,000 pounds. So he had to wait 3 weeks til he had off time again.

He came in this past week as you know and we headed right out to Best Buy. He pulled the tv out of the box and unfortunately riding around in that big truck the vibrations had caused the crack to spread but it was still only on the inside.  The Best Buy guy said Geek Squad had to look at it.  They determined it to be “physical damage” which they do not cover. I said we were told the protection/replacement plan we purchased did indeed cover accidental physical damage.  They said the cashier was mistaken. My husband told them all the problems and that it was that way straight out of the box. They said he could not prove it and should have come in sooner. Then they add  that they could fix it for an additional fee. My husband said “Bull I already paid for your bogus plan that covers nothing so no way and I’m never shopping here again”.   He was told it was “his problem” .   We used up a gift card we had to purchase a computer game for our son ( why not use the free money) and my husband told that cashier what was going on and she said call corporate and gave him the number.  

I just want to add here we were NOT asking for a refund. My husband wanted to exchange for a more expesive brand and pay the difference or even just exchange for the same thing.

We called corporate and after getting bounced around to 5 different people and departments including Insignia themselves we are now stuck with a broken useless TV  and are still paying it off on the credit card  :o( My husband was pissed beyond words and wanted to leave it in the parking lot I loaded it into the car and said  “ARE YOU CRAZY ???  So one of those rude little geek squad losers can come out here fix it and sell it ???  NO WAY !!!

Now funny little side detail the sales guy who sold us on the TV in the first place walked by while hubby was arguing with Geek Squad. He was all smiles and asked how I was. I told him not good and started the story with the Insignia TV was broken right out of the box and now they’re not honoring the protection plan. He could NOT rush away fast enough, dragging the guy with him away at the speed of light. I found out later from hubby that they headed up to the customer service counter for a Best Buy credit application to buy a 60 inch flat panel. No wonder he didn’t want the guy to hear me.

Needless to say we will not shop at Best Buy again.  EVER.  NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER… PERIOD !!!!!  I just wanted to share this to say Best Buy’s customer service both in store and on the phone with corporate was lousy and rude. Geek squad was condescending and rude. Insignia products seem to be cheaply made. AND most of all even if you choose shop there DON’T buy their protection plans they are a GIANT JOKE and  really cover nothing !!!!!



as a disclaimer I was not asked to blog ,share or say any of this by anyone. Everything I just shared in the above post is purely my opinion on my experiences with those mentioned.


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