Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collectible Card Frame

I know, I know… after promises to be back with my many projects I went missing again. Well here is why


Yes, Hubby came home. He brought his truck this time for the boys to see cause for various reasons he now leases the truck and has a little more freedom.  It was nice to have him home and we stayed pretty busy with family time and outfitting the new truck.

While he was here we headed out shopping. When we got to Target I couldn’t help myself. After the great disappointment  of finding the adorable little green monster nightlight I so coveted NEEDED for my boys room GONE  I still had to wander thru the home decor dept. Not to buy things mind you,  to steal ideas  err… be inspired ! 

I had no problem finding a small 11” x 14” super hero poster a few weeks ago for the “head board” of Rew’s bunkbed.. It came folded in a coloring book.   Bub wanted a  Pokemon one and he wanted it to be more of a character gallery than “art”. I could not find anything that fit the bill. Even on Ebay.

Anyway… back to the Target outing… As I turned into what I promised my hubby would be the last aisle I looked in Bub was chattering in my ear about his Pokemon cards (and why I should possibly , maybe buy him more today) and I saw the answer to my problem. There was a nifty black frame with pockets for framing collectible cards. They had fake baseball cards in theirs but with the constant stream of Pokemon chatter running thru my head guess where my mind jumped  ?? Yep ! BUT the price on theirs was $26.99    Ummm I don’t think so ! Limited budget here ! So we left but my thrifty, crafty side of my brain was churning. I headed to the dollar store (that I can walk to from my house! Yes I am THAT LUCKY ! Go ahead , be jealous. I really don’t blame you.  LOL! ) to re- examine a frame I had admired the week before. It was, if I remembered correctly very similar to the one in Target.  YES !! It was very similar and I actually like it better ! I bought it for a mere 6 dollars and headed home.  This is what I started with  (yes I admit I forgot the before pic so I took a pick from the back !  That’s why you see some blue.      Ha ha ! )


While it was drying I headed up to my storage closet dug out the OLD baseball card collection and found a card sleeve that was in really good shape. Now this sounds easy but I assure you it was not. I have not gotten to the closet on my list yet. This means you enter it with the understanding you may not make it out  ! LOL!

Bub and I are already in the process of collecting his favorite  Pokemon cards in holo/foil on Ebay. But for now he picked his favorite 9 cards in his possession.  We put them in the sleeve and …


Sorry about the picture quality i REALLY need a new camera !

Now I took another frame I already had and it’s “glass” was actually acrylic so I swapped it with the real glass from the frame I bought. This is going to be hanging over my 7 year old’s head. Glass?? No thanks.

Then I gave the frame a nice coat of “True Blue” shade   Krylon Fusion paint. The same color I used on the bunk bed safety rail . I put a white background in the frame .Then I used double sided poster tape to position the card sleeve. I popped it all in the frame with the new acrylic “glass” and WA – LAH !!!

                  frame 3

I have collectible card frame that better matches my decor, better suits my exact needs (and is a little safer for my purpose) and for $6 instead of $26 !!!!  I am so excited about this project ! I hung it up immediately  and Bub LOVES it ! I have gotten many many hugs and multiple compliments and grateful comments from him. And that means the world to me !

This would work for any collectors card, Sports, Bella Sara, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh!. It’s a great way to get some favorites out where they are visible all the time and SAFE ! That’s big for me the safe part. Bub has his favorites we’re in the process of collecting in holo/foil over the summer. He is a very generous, easily convinced child and I did not want him getting swindled out of them on the bus. They’re his faves and I am putting a lot of time, effort and money into collecting these specific cards on Ebay. I’ve been wondering how to keep them safe and now I’ve got a solution to that as well as the headboard/poster problem. Well I’ve got to go prime another project ! I’ll be back with more soon !!



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Liz Taylor said...

Thanks for stopping by Project naptime! I'm glad your hubby is home! I'm sure you missed him. I look forward to reading more about you!

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

How very clever. I know my son was Pokemon crazy a few years ago. I showed him your craft and he said it was cool!

Thanks for linking up to the “Cheap Thrills Thursday” party at Black Kats Design. I hope you had fun and will join in again next Thursday!


Erin said...

What a great idea!! And cute to boot! :)

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