Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little peek… (sort of)

Ok I really am gonna get to blogging about my room move/redo for my boys. I just want to have more done first and it’s slow going finance wise…

Today I had to cancel a shopping trip for a rug due to financial reasons so I figured I’d head to the park for a free part of a project I wanted to do in their room.  It will be a photography/art project… I think. I have several ideas I’m playing with, not sure which one(s)

will end up in the room.

SO I dressed the boys in “blending” outfits and took them to the park. I picked this park cause the playground is orange and blue so it matches the accent colors they chose.  Here are some of my results…. (I actually have TONS these are just my favorites.)

contunn rewtunn

                             Bub                                Rew

connorpoles rewphone

boytunn 3boys

I added Monkey to that last one so they’d have a pic of all the brothers together even if Monkey does have his own room.  They turned out so much better than I expected since I desperately need a new camera !!  I love the orange and blue playground equipment ! How great is it that it is the exact same colors my boys picked to accent their apple green ?? It’s awesome !!   All right I’m gonna go join family movie night but I hope to have more to share soon !




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