Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Promise I’m coming back soon…

Things  here have been CRAZY !!! I took last week off from blogging to roll up my sleeves and do a MAJOR project cause my boys would be at Grams and then found out I had to work 6 days straight. It made it very hard to complete my project but I went as far as my financial budget would allow. Also my Lil Sis who I am very close to received some very sad news and I had to make her a cheer up project on top of my major project. I have been taking pics of everything along the way and promise I have TONS of blog posts coming up but I will not be blogging again til Wednesday.

On top of al my other stuff going on  a bit of good news !! My hubby is in for his time off and he gets an extra day off !! 4 days this month instead of 3 !! YAY !!!!! So between now and Wednesday morning we will be having family time and a huge BBQ on Sunday for the 4th.

So happy 4th of July to all my 9 loyal followers and any readers lurking around out there!  I will be back on Wednesday with a big blog post about my awesome project for Sunshine.  (my lil sis) I am so proud of it !!! It turned out better than I ever imagined.




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