Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I’m back again finally…

Ok I do realize I promised to be back quite sometime ago but as usual nothing I planned actually happened the way I planned it so here is a quick update.

Hubby came home and fixed the AC. It only cost $18.00 and other than going to get the part took 15 minutes to fix. Now how come FIL and all his “knowledge” couldn’t figure that out BEFORE i spent several hundred on a window unit ?? What was it I said in a previous post  “useless and annoying waste of space”??  Oh wait I was talking about the stuffed animals ! Wink wink …

While here Huby decided to finally take my advice and stop by the staffing agency that found him his previous job and just talk to them. Well guess what I was right AGAIN !! (I’m the one who sent him in last time too) They asked what experience he had and when he told them their eyes lit up and they said they had the perfect fulltime job for him and they are desperately needing help. SO Hubby turns in the keys to this fuel guzzling monster on Thursday…


Yay ! No more absent hubby… although it will take some readjustment I’ve kinda gotten used to having less mess . LOL He has an interview on Monday and we are crossing our fingers, praying ,etc. like crazy !

I have had to halt any more room redo for the boys… I have a few projects I’ve got all the stuff for and I’ll finish those soon but I’m out of money. Hubby will be taking a pay cut and I seem to have lost my job as Diva and monster’s dad has quit and is playing stay at home dad and no one is responding to my phone calls or emails. :o(   I miss my craft money. 

I am however working on a project that excites me greatly I am decorating my sisters guest bath and possibly living area depending on her budget !! I am already working on some projects (in those few spare moments I find) and we head down to her apartment to decorate on Sunday !! I don’t know who is more excited her or me ! I LOVE to decorate and make beautiful ! I am taking lots of pics and will be blogging the whole thing! Check back for more in the days to come !

Bub started school and is doing pretty good. The bus comes MUCH earlier this year and we’re having some morning focus problems we are working on. I may end up driving him every morning again… there goes some blog time but oh well…

Rew is on a Harry Potter kick and has decided thats who he wants to be for halloween. We have gotten a wand and glasses…


I got reading glasses at Dollar Tree and just popped the lenses out. It took us almost 20minutes to find ones that fit him that he deemed Harry Potter worthy. Eye liner makes a great scar and I’m crocheting a scarf in Gryffindor colors. Now we just need a robe.

Monkey has made an olympic sport out of army crawling and is into EVERYTHING !! He is also learning to pull up. He fell over on a toy and got his first shiner. Yay now it looks like I beat him. I get many odd looks in public. There are the Moms who nod and grin like “oh yeah I’ve got boys I remember that stage” and the people with no kids who look at me like I deserve bad parent of the year. Whatever… Monkey has also outgrown ALL his clothes again. YAY more shopping !! I bought a few things to get us thru til I have my yard sale and I can do some big time shopping.

Speaking of big time shopping, I went to Osh Kosh and got Bub’s entire fall wardrobe. The deals I got were unbelievable !!! I’ll post on them this week too !

I’ve done several small projects while absent that I’ll also be blogging as soon as I can so keep checking back. Now that I’m here I have plenty to blog…




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