Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sooo it’s Saturday…

Well today is going to be more focused on the family part of my blog than the crafty. I’m still working on finishing up my cleaning… I hope to be back to my projects on Monday.


We are teething here… Well Monkey is but we all feel his pain.  I have been using Hyland's Teething Tablets. They are fabulous !!


We do the usual Motrin at night but the biggest life saver has been that I FINALLY found a teether that works. None of my children have ever used a teether. Each baby I spend about 20 bucks on various teethers (they always like them in the store they’re bored LOL ) plus they have the ones from the baby before them. The only thing they end up using is Mommy and Daddy’s fingers.  (They prefer mommy’s due to size)  OUCH ! And not very sanitary.

Well Nuby's Natural Touch line has made the PERFECT teether for all those parents with fingers only kids like mine.


See the hand looking ones ?? They ROCK out loud. Monkey has been my worst fingers only baby. NOTHING but fingers and occasionally binky goes in his mouth. Well he LOVES this teether. It closely mimics real fingers in size and shape and is soft yet firm like a finger ! Each finger tip has a different design for a varied texture to teeth on. It also kinda works like those little “tooth and gum brushes” you can buy to slip on your finger tip. The texture is about the same and so after those pearly whites get here baby can chew away to keep them clean ! It is the perfect size and shape to get in there and do the job teething or other wise !! I found mine at Target and they are NOT with the toys. They hang with the pacifiers and come in a great plastic carrying case !

Well I’m gonna go clean some more and try to ignore all my crafts and projects screaming at me from my craft corner. I’ve also gotta do a TON of laundry and get together all Bub’s clothes to prepare for starting school on Monday. Where did the summer go ??

It’s gorgeously sunny here in Ga but HOT so I’ll be enjoying from the window as the pool is still not usable  UGH!!  Enjoy this Saturday everyone and I hope yours is as beautiful as mine.



I’ll be hopping around here today during my breaks !!


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Life in Rehab said...

I discovered Hyland's Teething tablets when Sammy was born 19 years ago, and the guy who invented them deserves the flippin' Nobel Prize!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Saturday blog hop. A little late but so glad I didn't miss your awesome blog!!! That's great you found Hyland's for teething. I've used nothing but homeopathy for teething with all 6 of my kids and it's always worked.

Hope you'll come visit and follow me back too. ;)
Lisa xoxo

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